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Worley The Wizard!

You Will Believe...

About Lloyd Worley

You Will Believe…
    That You’ve Met a Wizard…
        That You’ve Visited the Wizard’s Castle
            …You Will Believe!

Worley the Wizard’s
Wondrous Classical Magic

    From ancient times comes the legend of the friendly Wizard whose magic entertained the royal courts of King Arthur and who delights the young and young-at-heart. Now, the legend comes alive! You can have Colorado’s friendliest and most magical Wizard at your club, society, church, or business function!
    Direct from the Camelard College of Conjuring of Chemmis, Worley the Wizard will delight and amaze your clients, your customers, your adult or children’s party with family-friendly fun and astonishment! Kindly for children, yet sharp for adults, Worley the Wizard will provide impossible entertainment that you will remember ... always!

    Solid passes through solid, cards leap and change, the invisible appears and then disappears … faeries and house elves come to “help” … all this and more as Worley the Wizard takes you on a tour of his Wizard’s Castle. The Dining Hall, the Museum, the Dungeon of the Wizard’s Castle open their doors to you…you are there in spirit and imagination! And after the show, you can meet …the Wizard!