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About Win Winata

Name : Win Winata

Age : 17

Job : Magician, Hypnotheraphis, and Entrepreneur

Country : Indonesia

Religion : Buddhism

Magic experience :

1. Street Magic on Benton, Tangerang

2. Street Magic on Alun Alun Jogja, Yogyakarta

3. Street magic on Trans Studio Bandung

4. Stage Performance on wedding Reception

5. Stage Performance on Bale Kota Mall

6. Three Days Performance on a Arak Arakan Toa Pek Kong Once for 14 Year

7. Stage Performance on Event 1st Hybrid Magicos on Season city

8. Stage Performance on Mardigras, Citra raya

9. Best Close Up Magic on Transera Park China town Magic Competition, Bekasi, Indonesia

10. Performance on  Magic Generation Gathering 3, Tangerang, Indonesia

11. Performing on Pluit Village

12. 2015 International College Magic Convention on Beijing, China

13. 3rd Price, Magic competition on Grand Galaxy Park, Bekasi, with competition theme Future Great Magician


Hypnosis Experience :

- CH & CHt from IBH

- CH & CHt from ISHH

- Specialist on Hypno Slimming, but also in another theraphy

- Founder of Second Heart Method. ( Still design the book, and make a copyright )


More Info will be update soon...