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Wayne Hoffman

Expect The Unexpected. Live The Impossible.

About Wayne Hoffman

Multi-award winning performer Wayne Hoffman is recognized as one of the top mentalists in the world. He currently tours the world with his stage show “Mind Candy” and his motivational speech, “The Power and Potential of The Human Mind.” He is also the author of the best-selling book “Mind Candy.” Wayne’s passion for the mysterious was sparked at a young age and lead him to study the art of magic. Later, through extensive self studies in sociology, psychology, and human behavior, Wayne was able to develop the foundation of his skills today. He now travels the world performing and speaking for exclusive events, theaters, cruise ships, television, casinos, universities, and top corporations. Wayne’ s show is a high-energy presentation that involves body language, human behavior, and visual magic that will make your head explode. The audience experiences seemingly supernatural phenomena in a fun and upbeat way. Wayne continues to be acknowledged as one of the top speakers in his field and wows audiences with his combination of magic and psychology.

He was featured on NBC’s hit TV show “Phenomenon”, The Glenn Beck Show, TLC, Animal Planet on The Discovery Network, and The Ellen Degeneres Show, Beverly HIlls Pawn, “The Numbers Game” on National Geographic, CNN Money, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, TBS in Japan, Yahoo! Finance, and countless radio shows in the US and Canada. Wayne has performed for thousands of audiences in some of the most elite venues across the world and continues to be ranked one of the top entertainers in his field.

Jaws will drop and minds will be blown by Wayne Hoffman’s show, Mind Candy. Audience members will become part of the show as Wayne reveals their innermost thoughts. Watch as Wayne demonstrates the impossible: moving objects with his mind, reading thoughts, and even traveling through time! Wayne Hoffman’s show is a must-see for those seeking mind-boggling fun and excitement. His awards and nominations include, Lecture/Variety Artist of the Year, Novelty Entertainer of the Year, Best Male Performer, Entertainer of the Year, Guest of the Year, and Best Live Novelty Artist.