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Vince Charming

About Vince Charming


Vince is a charismatic 23-year old who has performed thousands of shows across America for over 6 years. He integrates mind-blowing magic with uplifting comedy to provide high quality entertainment. He thrives off of seeing the reactions of his audiences and positively influencing their perception towards magic as an art form. The majority of Vince’s clients are corporations, colleges, and churches.


While magic is his passion and his career, Vince recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, with a concentration in Electrical Engineering and minored in Mathematics and Physics. This has proven useful in the design and development of brand-new original illusions, adding a special innovative element to his shows and giving him the ability to build his own equipment for unique tricks that combine magic and technology.


Magic runs in Vince’s family…his grandfather was a professional magician. Growing up, little Charming became enthralled with the world of magic as he watched his grandfather perform. His grandfather began teaching him magic at a very young age. This inspired Vince to learn some of his own tricks and sparked a passion for magic that has continually grown ever since.