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Trust Him to Deceive You!

About Vanni Pule'

Vanni Pule` is Malta's most popular Magician and Illusionist. For the last 35 years he has dominated the stage, cabaret and television Magic scene with his variety of mysteries, mirth and miracles. He has become a household name mostly because of his numerous T.V. appearances. Versatility and an engaging personality allow him to perform entertainingly small magic in the most intimate surroundings and spectacular illusions on the largest stage. Vanni Pule` is popular for children's parties, intimate walkaround sessions, stage shows, corporate functions, conference banquets and cabaret shows in night clubs, restaurants and Cruise ships.

Apart from being a versatile performer, Vanni has lectured to various international magical societies and many of his orginal routines have been published in books and magazines like 'Th Linking Ring', 'Magigram', Magic Info', 'M.U.M., 'The Budget' and 'Abracadabra'. He is also an artist and his works of art have been on display in galleries and private collections all over the world. His first strip cartoons were published when he was just 13 and in the 70s he became official cartoonist for the most popular Sunday newspaper in Malta. This, he had to reluctantly relinquish because of too much involvement in the heavy political scene of the time. He illustrated most of the 4 volumes of books by Edwin Hooper. 'Although recognized these days as a magician of international repute, both on the convention scene and aboard the cruise ships of several continents, Vanni Pule’s brand of magic is one which has been honed and fine-tuned over many years to attend on Malta’s own diverse requirements. Any and every kind of gig from a hectic schedule of children’s confirmation parties at Easter time, to a one-off one-man major illusion extravaganza in Malta’s National Theatre. He also hosts his own regular weekly show on Maltese national television. Whatever the occasion – be he impaling his delightful wife, MaryAnne, under the stars and in a vast packed outdoor stadium; or merely baffling a couple of visiting magicians with a packet trick of his own devising across a hastily cleared restaurant table – Vanni performs with panache and charm and wit and, best of all, his own unique and unquenchable passion for magic.' WILLIS HALL (writer)