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George Unbei Unbehauen
For a young
boy during the 1960's the light of the marquee meant that it was time to
race through the red velvet ropes inside the loew's theater in Newark NJ
to get a glimpse of the latest picture show in town. It shown Tony Curtis
as Houdini , a magician whose spellbinding feat mesmerized George
Unbehauen who ran out of that theater that day to begin his lifelong
journey into the world of magic. He is better known to the hundreds of
children he has entertained over the years as "Unbei." For more than 20
years, Unbehauen has turned his game of chance,skill and illusion into a
part-time profession that all began during his teen-age years. "That
Houdini Movie inspired me." Unbei Stated, “I thought it was the greatest
thing to see him get out of the straight jacket, after the movie I went to
see my school librarian and took out every book he had on magic." Unbei
who talked about the days he lived in Newark NJ and would walk 20
blocks to Mecca Magic Inc., in Bloomfield NJ to purchase some of his first
books on magic. Unbei current collection of more than 300 books on
magic currently is squeezed into what has become a makeshift library is a
small room in his house in South River, which is especially arranged to
accommodate Unbei¹s literary needs--and to weak havoc on his wife
Katherine, who cannot understand how her husband can work in a room
she feels is desperately need of a dust cloth. While in college, Montclair
State College in the 1960 s , Unbei performed for his friends and follow
students for free but soon realized his skill could earn him the mush
needed cash he had to come up with in order to continue paying his tuition--
and stay in school. "After I started performing on campus people would
approach me and ask me to do a magic show for their children. I performed
for free at first , to learn which tricks worked best. When I did get paid, I
could pay for my books with money, but that was about it." Word spread of
Unbei s unusual talents, and soon he was earning money--but not nearly
what he needed to pay his tuition. Unbei recall how he and the thenunknown
Bruce Willis, who co-starred with Unbei in the college¹s
production of 'Born Yesterday,' Both left school before graduating.
Willis eventually claimed television fame in the hit series, "Moonlighting,"
While Unbei, after attending school for two years, moved on to perform
his magic elsewhere. Doing parties as both Magician and then a clown, at
children s parties. Over time he has perfumed for both children and
adults in places such as offices , long-term care centers and veteran¹s
hospitals. "I got a job not too long after I left school," Unbei i explained
,"I always did my magic on the side after that. I never thought I would
become the next David Copperfield " To his friends and family, his talent
as both a magician and a Clown continue to earn his the highest praise.
Currently teaching in introductory magic and clown course through
Matawan Middle School¹s Student Enrichment Program. Unbei, continues
to post his business cards at practically every community bulletin board
he can find, hoping his love of magic will continue to lead him to the
doorstep of yet another child who will gape in amazement as Unbei sticks
a needle through a balloon without popping it, or performs his most -
requested trick at all time: pouring water into a curled-up newspaper and
making the water disappear. if you have the love of magic you can call of
more information on or to reach Unbei the Magician/clown Email him at unbeimagic@comcast.net