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Trevor Whittow, Variety Performer

Magic, Comedy, and More!

About Trevor Whittow

Hello, I'm Trevor Whittow. I was born in Tula, Russia. I was adopted at 11 months old and flew to America on my first birthday. I was first fascinated by magic when my father showed me a coloring book that colored itself! Since then, I've dedicated my life to become an entertainer. I have been performing since I was three years old. I started off with magic and then I fell in love with clowning, which opened many doors for me into other styles of entertainment including juggling, physical comedy, geek stunts, and other circus arts. I am continually adding new skills to my repertoire which adds more variety to my shows and gives more options for clients on what they want to see. I have performed at many different venues from private parties to the world's largest music festival. I've just moved to Washington from Wisconsin where I have been well received by audiences for 5 years there at restaurants, businesses, fairs, festivals, schools, colleges, parades, TV, and even a VIP Grand Opening of restaurant. I've also recently been accepted the International Brotherhood of Magicians and couldn't be more excited! I'm honored to be able to share my passions and dreams while being able to bring smiles to people's faces and I hope I can share that love and passion with you. As they say, laughter is the best medicine so why not take a dose?