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Tom Thomas

Magician Mentalist & Hypnotist

About Thomas Schoenig

In 2017 I am the New TVP Germany. More on this in the Linking Ring February 2017

TOM THOMAS is known for his exciting performances that go into the world of the mental, bizarre and sensual. Thought reading, influencing and hypnosis are his tools. A combination of psychological strategy and body language reading leaves behind a lasting memory of the audience.
Experience the impossible. Are my thoughts really safe. Tom Thomas apparently reads every thought and surprises with incredible mental experiments.
Special attention is given to Tom Thomas with his ball-point and the car-blind ride, driving a car blindfolded by the city traffic.
Tom Thomas offers modern mentalmagic experiments and hypnosis. This dynamic form provides the best entertainment with a shot of Grusel & Comedy for perfect psychological, paranormal and bizarre entertainment.

TOM THOMAS reads, hears and feels thoughts, guesses and sees before, what will happen, influences and mesmerizes viewers so that they will do what he wants ... even though they believe to act freely.

He understands it like no other second, to unite the unbelievable with experiences that captivate the viewer from the first moment and do not let go long after the performance.

The artist born in Germany in 1969 is an expert when it comes to creating a wonderfully staged and impressive performance.

Forget anything you've ever seen and experienced, and be ready for an experience that will not be forgotten for so long ... TOM THOMAS will take you to the world of mental magic and hypnosis so you can be amazed and believe in miracles can.

Actually, I have already put the sorcery into the cradle of my, unfortunately much prematurely deceased father Helmut Schönig. He always had a little thing in his pocket to give the people a little joy, to help you forget the everyday life for a few minutes.

In the early 1990´s, i met Tanja. Quickly she were enchanted by my magic. Together we took part in various events and private parties.

In 1991 we got to know Gerd Keesen from Duisburg, Germany, from Amateur Magic Ring e.V. Germany.

In the same year 1992 thomas & tanja - modern magic entertainment was founded. When Andre & Bernd - The Magical Two joined us in 1993, we developed the Magical Mystery Tour together. With this show, we were on the road until 2000 and we were involved in different festivities and events.

In 1996, we met Frank Pfotenhauer "Artists' Association & Mobil Disco" from Gladbeck. Rather a coincidence, at a performance in Holland, where Frank was also present with his mobile discotheque. He liked our show and so in the following four years very good engagements followed. In addition, a friendship developed with Frank, which continues to this day.

thomas & tanja - modern magic entertainment split in the middle of 2000

After a long and intense creative pause, in which new ideas and formats were developed, Tom Thomas - psychological entertainer emerged. 2012 began the journey into the realm of the Mentalmagie. Start with a 30 minute show. Already a year later 2013 - 2015 Tom Thomas played his first full-length show "The Things in Your Head" - Mental Bizarre experiments with which the viewer was involved.
The new show "NECRONOMICON" awaits the spectators in 2016. In this show all go to the limits of the psychologically explainable. The spectators experience mental magic and hypnosis in a specific and lively performance.