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Thomas J. Shimeld

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RESERVE YOUR LECTURE DATE TODAY! Toll Free: 1-866-407-9463 Author and theatrical performer Thomas J. Shimeld entertainingly reveals Walter B. Gibson’s life in a performance/lecture from his biography, Walter B. Gibson and The Shadow. Cast yourself back into the golden era of magic as Thomas J. Shimeld shares with you Walter B. Gibson’s life and times as they emerge from the shadows in "Walter B. Gibson's Magic Words." • Learn the magic behind Gibson’s most famous creation, The Shadow • Become a link to magic’s golden past. • Find out the contraption from which Houdini could not escape. • Discover Harry Blackstone, Sr.’s real magic. • Unveil the psychic with a rooster who predicted true love. • Own and perform a piece of history direct from Gibson’s creative mind. • Learn Gibson’s Hindu Wand routine that Houdini insisted on duplicating. • Use the poetry of Gibson’s patter for the Passé Passé Bottles. • Impress your friends with intimate stories of the greatest names in magic.