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TJ Moore

Love is the only REAL Magic!

About TJ Moore

Born Thomas J. Moore in 1960, TJ grew up mostly in Yuma, Arizona but also many other places because of being a military brat. At the age of 12 his interest in magic grew and he found himself performing for friends and family. During the first year of his performing he entered a talent contest at the Yuma County Fair and won first place. That catapulted his performance.

He devoted every day to his arts and soon became quite proficient in slight of hand and deception. He began touring RV parks during the winter months when the winter visitors populated them and he became a welcomed regular.

After a quick three year tour in the service he continued his arts after moving to Houston, Texas. He found it difficult to get engagements because he was an unknown so he decided to perform under the name of Dr. Midnight & Company. The marketing worked and he began performing again.

He began teaching magic to a local clown club where he discovered that people actually believe magic to be real. TJ Moore never wanted his audiences to believe that magic was real but that it was trickery used to entertain. This prompted a break in performing for a few years during which he began working with gospel magic using his humorous antics and quick wits.

Currently his performances range from street magic to restaurants to full stage performances. He continues to teach both in person and online. He has written several books on various effects, routines, and the business of magic.

TJ is a stage Hypnotist, Illusionist, Sleight-of-Hand artist, mentalist, Comedian, and has even tried some escapes from time to time. He loves performing for children along with some puppetry with a magical twist.