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Timothy Pressley

About Tim Pressley

Timothy Pressley has been entertaining family audiences since 2002. His unique performance style is guaranteed to capture the imagination of children and amaze adults alike. Audiences love his warm personality and witty humor. 

He first became interested in magic at the early age of 5 when his dad magically transformed a stack of nickels into a stack of dimes. His interest only grew when a family friend performed magic at his 6th birthday party. By age 7, Tim had learned a few tricks of his own and began entertaining his friends at school. And his passion only grew greater and greater as he grew and learned more about the art of magic and entertaining audience.

Tim says, "There is no greater feeling than making someone smile or laugh. That's why I do this [perform magic]." 


You can find Tim performing at special events and private parties all over his home town of Knoxville, Tennessee. If you would like to know more about how to have Tim entertain at your next event, visit his website: www.TheAmazingMagicShow.com