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THE Gary Green

About Gary Green

 Active for more than a half-century, Gary Green is known in multiple genres. in addition to magic.

• He is an iconic Americana singer-songwriter-poet (inducted into the California Music Hall of Fame; his albums are part of the permanent Folkways Collection of the Smithsonian Institution). 

• Renowned casino developer & circus owner (often cited as one of the most written-about figures in modern casino business circles) and producer of dozens of magic shows.

• Multiple award-winning writer (Two-time Pulitzer-nominated journalist & author of 9 books). 

• Internet 1.0 dot-com pioneer (with, at one time, 5% of all transactions on the planet using his software).

• Television personality and the host of the upcoming TV series “Casino Insider” as well as author of the accompanying book “Casino Insider: Crossroaders, Georges, & Sporting Men".