The Coloring Magician

picture Imagine a magic show that is full of color and amazement. Where kids can laugh, learn and have fun. Well, imagine no longer! The Coloring Magician is that kind of show. His knowledge in the art of magic and color make his show a one of a kind presentation you won't want to miss.

The Coloring Magician will take you back in time to the beginning of colors when cavemen colored the walls of their caves using berries to tell stories. You will also travel with him to ancient Egypt where the first form of color crayons were made out of beeswax. These first crayons were burned into stoned and would stand the test of time even to this day.

After going back in time and traveling around the world, The Coloring Magician will teach you the rules of colors and how they work in a really fun way. Then, he will use his magic to twist and break the rules of colors to show you how he sees the world in a different way.