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About Steven Leung

Born in 1975, Steven's first experience in magic : when he visited his doctor at age 3 while the doctor pulled out a candy right from his belly. 

He got his first magic set at 8 as a Christmas present from his parents. Like many, he did not have further source for magic material after that. In 1997 while he was in Colorado USA studied for his Bachelor degree, he watched the broadcast of David Blaine's 'Street Magic' TV Special and the seed of magic grows deeply into his mind. 

In 2001, he discovered a professional magic shop in the city where he lived and entered the world of Close-up Magic. 

In 2004, he organised first lecture for a local Magician, with rave positive feedback, he organised 2 more similar lectures for others in the summer later same year. 

Steven's well received reputation of his ability in magic lectures organization skills lead to his long term friendship with Rannie Raymundo, an all-round professional magician, celebrity, and an famous musician artist in Manila, Philipines. They together organized 'Hand Size Doesn't Matter' lecture (2007) and then another magic lecture in Hong Kong. 

Apart from that, Steven co-organised with Nash Fung, the original creator of card effect 'Color Fusion' for his first personal lecture in 2008. 

Steven maintain actively in teaching & coaching young magicians whoever around him that are serious in magic as performance art. 

In 2009, Steven successfully arranged David Williamson for his greater China lecture tour (8 cities, lecture translator for 3 lectures) and became David's personal magic assistant of his 2010 & 2011 Beijing TV Spring Festival Global Gala. 

In 2013, Steven participated as technical assistant / adviser for Magic TV show in Hong Kong - Street Sorcerers (Season 1) The first street magic TV program in Hong Kong history for magicians performers including Jeff Teo, Sean Mcfarlane, Lawrence Saullivan and Henry Harrius. 

Steven currently lives in Hong Kong, with his wife Prudence, daughter and son name Sophie & Adrian. He studies magic, refines his skill while his children being distracted by baby toys & food.