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Stephen Baxter

The Magic Man

About Stephen Baxter

Hello, my name is Stephen Baxter - I perform under the nickname "The Magic Man". I'm a magician, mentalist and entertainer in Montreal. I've always loved magic and illusion and at a certain point I decided it was time to do it myself.

I focus mostly on close-up magic and mentalism, with a particular interest in hypnotism, but I've started to reach out and develop a show ready for a theatre stage. I work parties and events, but soon I'm trying to start a magic program at the local Children's Hospital, and produce my own stage show, which I'm currently calling Legacy.

I'm eighteen years old and I hope to integrate magic into my life for many years to come. If any magicians are ever in the Montreal area, I'd love to meet up. And if anyone, anywhere, wants to collaborate, I'm more than happy to help.