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Stephen Anthony

About Stephen Anthony Ralston

Magical Arts play an important role in Stephen Anthony's professional repertoire. He has devoted many years to private study, primarily to focus on routines for close-up, parlor style, and magic for the stage. Because of Stephen's theatrical background his presentation is character driven combined with nostalgia, and tradition. In 2015 he followed up his private studies by attending the Magic University at the Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Steve’s studies were taught by Legendary Master Magician Mark Wilson. In September of 2015 Stephen Anthony proudly became a Magician Member of “The Academy of Magical Arts”. As a follow up, Stephen Anthony traveled to Las Vegas to study at the McBride Magic & Mystery School. The school is operated by Las Vegas headliner Jeff McBride & company. While in Vegas, Stephen not only got to work with McBride but also studied with Lawrence Hass and the late magic legend Eugene Burger. McBride & Burger are founders of the Mystery School. Both were named among the 100 most influential magicians of the 20th century by the magician's trade magazine MAGIC. As a magician member of "The Academy of Magical Arts" Stephen visits the castle on a regular basis and can be seen doing impromptu sets for his special guests. Stephen is currently attending The Chavez Studio of Magic studying privately with "The Gentleman of Magic", Mr. Dale Salwak. Stephen Anthony looks forward to promoting and sharing his Magic in the years to come.