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My introduction to Dante the Magician came from his daughter Mary Jansen, whom I met as the middle-aged mother of a high school friend in Fresno, Calif. Every so often she would talk about her days on the road, and for my rapt attention I was rewarded with a 35-year anniversary book. As most young idiots do, I promptly put that precious keepsake into storage and ignored it for decades.

No more. As a recovering journalist who filed his last story years ago, I have no more excuses. I'm poring over every word of the books and papers I have, scouring YouTube for rare video, and posting snippets as I go on Dante-the-Magician.com. I'm not qualified to be a magician, much less a magic historian, but I want to start both journeys with the few years I have left.

Joining IBM is a belated effort to start networking with people who not only have heard of Dante*, but have some appreciation of what he accomplished. Please feel free to reach out, whether to swap Dante stories or pitch a newb with your mad training skills. I'm interested in close-up magic, illusions and stagecraft, if only so I can gain a deeper understanding of Dante's talent and persistence.

Take care all, stay safe, and hope to meet y'all soon.


*The Danish-born Thurston associate, not the Australian magician whose moniker they adopted.