Shawn Messonnier...Imagination Creator
Magic of the Mind..Exploring Endless Possibilities

“Magic of the Mind-Exploring Endless Possibilities With Imagination Master Shawn Messonnier”


“Magic of the Mind” is all about exploring possibilities. Each of us possesses unique abilities that often remain hidden. Mentalism is all discovering unused abilities and about pushing ourselves beyond boundaries we set. When you consider everything the human mind has accomplished (and the achievements that remain to be accomplished,) it's not so hard to understand how the same mind could easily transmit a simple thought 3 feet across the room. Relying heavily on audience participation and interaction, “Magic of the Mind" will entertain, challenge, and open audience members to new possibilities.
While "Magic of the Mind" is family-friendly, due to the nature of the material it is better suited for audience members junior high or high school age and older.

While most audience members have seen traditional magic performed numerous times, it is likely that those the same audience members have never had the pleasure of experiencing a show devoted solely to mentalism. By its very nature, mentalism, an offshoot of traditional magic, is unique and entertaining.

"The Magic of the Mind" is a concept originally developed by Dr. Shawn Messonnier in the summer of 1982. As a junior at Texas A&M University, he was asked to do something that had never been done before: perform as the opening act for the well-known summer dinner theater program. Not wanting to do "traditional magic" that would be familiar to his audience, he decided to come up with something totally different. By using his training and passion for mentalism, he was able to come up with a unique act which relied heavily upon audience participation to create the illusions. His decision was rewarded with audience ovations, accolades in the local press, and invitations to return as the only act ever to be offered the opportunity to perform for the summer dinner theater program. His unique act also won a first place award at a talent show at Texas A&M University.

Fast forward almost 30 years. Now an accomplished veterinarian (voted "Best Vet in Dallas” by D Magazine,) and award-winning radio show host and author of numerous books on pet care, “Dr. Shawn” as he is known affectionately to his readers, audiences, and pet owning clients, has brought his act into the 21st century with new mental illusions and experiments that both challenge and delight audiences.

"Magic of the Mind" is an award-winning act that has received ovations from numerous audiences. Additionally, I have performed various illusions on television numerous times over the last 30 years.

Technical Requirements

One of the best things about hosting "Magic of the Mind" at your venue is that there are very few technical requirements in order to perform this act. I only need the following:

A stage
A table
A wireless microphone (click on or ear)-for larger theaters
A microphone with stand- for larger theaters
An audience willing to participate, have fun, and challenge themselves!