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Sarah Trustman

Telling Stories: Graphically and Memorably

About Sarah Trustman

Sarah Trustman is a writer, artist, comic creator, mnemonist, memory expert, and co-creator (with husband David) of the highly acclaimed graphic book series on memory and learning, The Memory Arts. This series naturally transitioned into the world of magic with their numerous adaptations teaching various stacks, memdeck work, and memory magic performance. The duo also enjoys lecturing and teaching, performing feats of memory involving the first 500 digits of pi, multiple shuffled and memorized decks of cards, and long lists of randomly called out objects. Sarah has spoken at such notable venues as TEDx MidAtlantic (the largest of the TEDx stages), Magi-Fest, TRICS, and Baltimore Comic-con.

Most recently, Sarah and David have reproduced Erdnase's "The Expert at the Card Table" as a graphic novel. Without straying from the original, she and David brought this 1902 classic into the 21st century with "The Expert at the Card Table: The Graphic Novel."

Sarah’s varied background spans early-childhood education, music, and theater. She believes passionately in the role of effective memory in learning and advocates for improvements to how memory is effectively incorporated in school curricula. She spends her free time creating intricate Mnemonic Art, reading about memory and magic (and pretty much everything else), and collecting frog playing cards. 

As current president of Raleigh Magic Club - I.B.M. Ring 199, she lives right outside of Raleigh, North Carolina with David, their two children (Cooper and MJ), four dogs (Mnema, Freya, Varg, and Erdnase), and small flock of chickens.