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SarahElla Phant

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About SarahElla Phant

SarahElla Phant is a writer, artist, comic creator, mnemonist, memory expert, and co-creator (under former name, Sarah Trustman) of the highly acclaimed graphic book series on memory and learning, The Memory Arts. This series naturally transitioned into the world of magic with the numerous adaptations teaching various stacks, memdeck work, and memory magic performance. SarahElla also enjoys lecturing and teaching, performing feats of memory involving the first 500 digits of pi, multiple shuffled and memorized decks of cards, and long lists of randomly called out objects, among other things. SarahElla has spoken at such notable venues as TEDx MidAtlantic (the largest of the TEDx stages), Magi-Fest, TRICS, and Baltimore Comic-con.

Most recently, SarahElla has been releasing her "3 Fundamentals of Mnemonics" Series through Murphy's Magic. The ebook series takes the reader through SarahElla's favorite memory routines, teaching valuable mmenmonic (memory) techniques along the way. The first in the series "The Amazingest Memory Test" was released under her former penname, and is taught using SarahElla's vivid and memorable watercolor paintings. The second, "mNumbers: Easy as Pi" released under her new name, SarahElla Phant, and like the first uses vivid imagery to easyly teach multiple fun ways to memorize numbers in any circustance, while also naturally teaching the first 500 places of pi.

SarahElla is also excitedly taking pre-orders for her highly-anticipated Night's Tour Phantom Chessboard, released through Mystic Tower Productions. This revolutionary board removes all the numbers from the Knight's Tour, making the tour so easy you could do it in your sleep. The first Phantom Chessboard Series is a limited release of individually handcrafted boards, designed specifically for the needs of the individual customer. Each board is completely unique and can only be solved by the owner!

SarahElla’s varied background spans early-childhood education, music, and theater. She believes passionately in the role of effective memory in learning and advocates for improvements to how memory is effectively incorporated in school curricula. With Lynne Kelly (author of The Memory Code, Memory Craft, and more), and Dan Harlan (King of Magic), SarahElla is starting "The mNemonic Revolution"' an eventual global hub for mnemonic learning. She spends her free time creating intricate Mnemonic Art, reading about memory and magic (and pretty much everything else), and collecting frog playing cards. 

As current president of Raleigh Magic Club - I.B.M. Ring 199, she lives right outside of Raleigh, North Carolina with life-accomplice Dan Harlan, her children, three dogs, two cats, and small hamster named Penelope.