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About Sam Bernard

Sam D. Bernard, Ph,D.

Sam is the founder of Magic Relief, a program of the PAR Foundation.  Giving a mental break from the harsh realities of current events, providing Magicians during times of crisis and disaster to provide hope for the future.

From his younger years in elementary school, Sam developed a love for magic from his mentors Harry and Irv at Daytona Magic.  Visiting Daytona Magic each summer while vacationing with is parents, each evening Sam would visit Harry and learn, eventually demonstrating magic.

Sam & Harry at Daytona Magic about 1980

Sam completed college, graduate school and a doctoral program in counseling psychology focusing on Disaster Psychology.  In 2006, Sam's mother died of cancer.  After her death, he decided to retrace their family tracks into Florida visiting relatives and the beaches.  Once in Daytona, Sam found the BelAire Shopping Center that first housed Harry and Irv's Daytona Magic...but it was gone.  Saddened, Sam searched the internet and found Daytona Magic has simply moved to a larger location.  Immediately Sam found the current Dayton Magic and eagerly entered finding Harry demonstrating his latest illusions and "slight of tongue" and greeting each customer as his tradition.  Sam returned the greeting along with "I've missed you Harry".  Harry abruptly looked up, finished helping the current customer and approached Sam - "I remember your voice - from somewhere".  Sam explained how they first met.  A warm embrace ensued.  They spent time catching up from the 24 year lapse.  Sam explained how he used magic during his presentations/lectures on Disaster Psychology across the world.

Harry and Irv invited Sam to join IBM, agreeing to sponsor him as tradition.

Now, Sam continues to include magic during his seminars/lectures/courses addressing the various aspects of Emergency Management Behavioral Health.


Continuing with his focus on crisis and disaster response, Sam now heads Magic Relief, a program of the PAR Foundation, an IRS registered 501(c)3 non -profit organization - focusing on bringing magicians to crisis and disaster events to provide a mental break from the harshness of reality and giving hope for future magic and better times!

More information about Magic Relief can be found on a page of Sam's website: BernardAssociatesPC.com