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Dr. Richard Pemper

Magic Entertainment at its Best!

About Richard Pemper

For 30 years, Dr. Richard Pemper, also known as "The MAGICIAN", has worked in the oil and gas industry as a, wait for it, Nuclear Physicist. Wow, bet you didn't know that magic was rocket science! However, for even longer than that same 30 years, The Dr. has invested a near infinite amount of hours practicing the Art of Magic. We're talking waaaay back since he was in Jr. High School. The opening of his seamlessly graceful and classical act is set to an elegant montage of beloved music tracks. By booking The Dr., you, your family, friends, and/or co-workers will be in for a swift evening of coins, silks, thimbles, and billiard balls that appear from nowhere. The second half of his stage act includes audience participation, astounding effects, and even mind-reading, along with plenty of other surprises. What kind of surprises? You'll have to book him to see! The Dr. is available for parties, corporate events, and pretty much any other scenario which the logistics of your setup will allow. Never has anyone enjoyed being entertained quite like this. Book Dr. Pemper today for a dazzling display of misdirection you will always remember by calling him at 713.397.4365!