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Nothing Good Comes Easy.

About Randy Lynn

I found a Houdini book in my middle school library when it began. I performed as a youngster doing escapes once for an audience of 200 and went great. I did close up card tricks for friends in high school and college. Married, job, kids and a bag of tricks collecting dust. Then reconnected with an old friend and found out we both are interested in magic. We attended the 1996 IBM convention in Norfolk, VA and joined Ring 180 in Richmond, VA. 

Currently, I'm the Director of Media at Bon Air Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. I worked for WDBJ-TV 18 years and have 25 years of experience in broadcasting. I owned a company specializing in designing and installing audio, video and lighting systems. Now I produce multi-media elements for our worship services and oversee the audio and video systems at Bon Air Baptist Church. I'm married to my wonderful wife Maria, have 3 wonderful children and 2 grandchildren.