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MAGICAL THEMES AND PROGRAMS Please check the main site periodically for additions/changes to the monthly line-up. Everyone is encouraged to perform, EVEN IF IT'S NOT ON THEME. Jan 2012 - Banquet Feb 2012 - The Heart of Magic Mar 2012 - Grand Illusion: Go Big! Apr 2012 - Auction! May 2012 - Family Fling & People's Choice Awards Jun 2012 - Magic on Vacation Jul 2012 - Wand Magic Aug 2012 - Magic Grab Bag: For the Sheer FUN of it! Sep 2012 - Walk-Around Magic Oct 2012 - Tricks or Treats! Nov 2012 - Family Magic Dec 2012 - Gift Magic We will provide a performing table and close up mat, but feel free to bring anything you need to perform your routines. Casual attire is ok, but remember that our Ring photographer will be taking display photos for our Ring website photo gallery. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PERFORMING? • Learn how to create a strong first impression! • Develop self-confidence in front of a friendly and supportive audience!! • Experience the three R's of Magic - Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse! • Gain positive and constructive feedback from your peers for the asking! (Evaluation guide in "Evaluation" section of this link. • Provide a valuable and fun service to your Ring! • Test new routines and ideas in front of a judgment-free audience! • THE BEST BENEFIT! Performing creates active members, a responsive and healthy Ring environment and better magicians!