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Dr. Rick E. Bagley

About Rick Bagley

Born and raised in Southern California, I became interested in magic around age 13 as a way to pass time in-between workouts as a competitive age group swimmer. On a visit to Bentley's Trading Post in Santa Ana, I met professional magician Alex Weiner (Aldini) and took lessons from him for the next few years.  Al helped me routine an act and I started performing at children's birthday parties when I was 14. I continued performing magic part-time, well into my 30's, at private parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs,  corporate conventions/events, restaurants/bars and schools. I even auditioned for "The Gong Show" but didn't get to go on air because the producers thought my razor blade swallowing routine might be a liability if any viewers tried to copy it.

At 21 I joined the Magic Castle and remained a member for nearly 30 years. Throughout the 70's, 80's, and 90's I was so fortunate to be in the presence of such greats as Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller, Kuda Bux, Peter Pit, Johnny Thompson, Doug Henning, Larry Jennings, Mr. Electric, Mark Wilson and so many more. My wife and I were on hand to see a young Harry Anderson first perform in the Palace of Mystery and I will always remember the first and only time I saw Cary Grant at the main bar. I loved the swap meets, Sunday lectures, seeing Vernon and his pals playing cards in the library and taking friends for a fun evening of shows. 

Favorite brick-and-mortar magic shops over the years include:

  • Main Street Magic Shop at Disneyland: so many fond childhood memories!
  • Bentley's Trading Post in Santa Ana: wish I still had my Aldini Salt Shaker!
  • Magic Emporium in Tarzana: Paula and Michael could always count on me to buy!
  • Berg's Magic Studio in Hollywood: I loved Joe Berg and his stories.
  • Tanner's in NYC: the Mecca of magic shops! Visited two of their different locations.
  • Magic Dream in Paris: great shop with friendly and patient staff.
  • Misdirections Magic Shop in San Francisco: Joe Pon is the greatest!

These days magic is mostly a hobby. I will forever enjoy it and always appreciate the many ways it has enriched my life.