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20th Century Ring #62

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About James Renoire

After the discovery of his Grandfather's chest full of vintage magic tricks in the family attic as a boy intersected with landing the lead part of a magician in a school production, James was firmly set on his path in the performing arts.


Actor, Author, Chavez student, Composer, Magician, Musician, Producer, James has loved them all - but now he’s semi-retired, and has reprioritized Magic as his primary passion. Instrumental in the 2015 revival of Montreal's IBM Ring #62 and founder of the Canadian College of Magic℠ James is also an impresario for entertainment agencies.


… et le reste, “c'est une histoire.”


“Renoire is no amateur in the acting arena.  His work is amazing and equal to anything ever seen on the European stage." • October Review •


"His lovely assistant was, well... lovely!" (Mom)