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20th Century Ring #62

Les Soirées Magiques®


After discovering his Grandfather's chest full of magic tricks in the family attic as a young boy intersected with his landing the lead part of a dastardly Magician in a school production, Jaque was firmly set on his path in the performing arts.


Actor, Author, Musician, Performer and Producer, Jacque loves them all - but Magic is his primary passion. Instrumental in the 2015 revival of Montreal's IBM Ring #62, TVP for the province of Quebec and founder of the Canadian College of Magic, RENOIRE is also an impresario for international entertainment agencies.



“Renoire is no amateur in the acting arena. His work is amazing and equal to anything ever seen on stage." • October Review •


… et le reste, “c'est une histoire.”


"His lovely assistant was, well...lovely!" (Mom)