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Randy Vander Wal--I.B.M. Past Territorial Vice President (TVP) Of Michigan From July 2003 Until July 2013

About Randy Vander Wal

Magical Greetings fellow Michigan Magi!

I am no longer your International Brotherhood of Magicians Territorial Vice President of Michigan. In short, your I.B.M. TVP of Michigan.   The current TVP is now John Luka.  He may be contacted at johnlukamagic@gmail.com and his site for Michigan Magicians is www.johnlukamagic.com/mi/events.html.  He is your direct contact with the I.B.M. for questions, suggestions, or problem solving.  He promises to answer you promptly.   So please feel free to contact him at anytime.  

Michigan has nine active I.B.M. Rings.  Please browse those Ring's web sites (on your left -- sites showing are Rings with active sites) to find out what is happening at their meetings.   Under "Local Rings" on the I.B.M. web site is a complete listing and contact information for each Michigan Ring. Rings are located in Detroit (Ring #22), Flint (Ring #36), Lansing (Ring #54), Battle Creek (Ring #89) Ann Arbor (Ring #210), Grand Rapids (Ring #211), Saginaw/Bay City/Midland (Tri-City area -- Ring #212), Kalamazoo (Ring #333), and Colon (Ring #386).

If you are not a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, then I highly encourage you to join.  This is a wonderful organization with over 12,000 members world-wide, the largest fraternity of magicians.  Among the members are:  David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Mac King, Kevin James, Jeff Hobson, Gene Anderson, and etc.   

    To view current Michigan magic events click on the below link:



Michigan Magic Day 2017 will be hosted by I.B.M. Ring 211 -- The June Horowitz/John deVries Magic Club!  Details to follow.  Visit www.michiganmagicday.com as details become available.


Join us on Facebook by searching "Michigan Magicians" or go to www.facebook.com/#!/groups/75091511621/.


Duties of your I.B.M. TVP, John Luka:

He welcomes all new Michigan I.B.M. members either through an email letter or through a letter by regular mail.

He visits each Michigan I.B.M. Ring (affiliated magic club) at least once a year for one of its regular meetings.  He may also visit or participate in one of its events.

He may present awards or certificates, and the like to Ring members or rings for achievements and accomplishments.  Example:  present the handing of the gavel to the incoming president of the Ring.

He urges each Ring to strive to become a Quality Ring through the Ring Quality Program.  This way, the Ring can fully better fulfill the needs of its members.

He reminds each Ring to update its roster and officers once each year.  This is especially important for contact information for the Ring on the I.B.M. web site.

He submits an Annual Report to the person who oversees all the TVP's.  The report updates him/her with information, ideas, and concerns from each Michigan Ring.  This person provides the information to the Board at the Convention Board Meeting.

John also promotes  magic events in Michigan.  One major event is the annual Michigan Magic Day.  It is a one-day magic convention (usually with a night before party) hosted by one of the Michigan magic clubs, usually an I.B.M. Ring.  He helps advertise the event. 

In short, he provides a link between the I.B.M. members of Michigan and the Board of Trustees to promote cooperation and communication.  He also gives assistance, advice, and ceremonial support to each Ring in Michigan.

Benefits of being a member of the I.B.M.:

Highly-acclaimed monthly journal, The Linking Ring

Fellowship and support of over 300 local clubs (rings) in 73 countries

World-class annual international magic convention---Check out pics of previous conventions on the I.B.M. web site!

Electronic links for members via web site, email program, and electronic online Ring

A member's own or a Ring's own web site via the I.B.M. web site

Youth program with magazine, convention forums, web pages, and newsletters

Distinctive credit card that benefits the Magical Arts

Group health and life insurance

Affordable performers' liability insurance

Awards and recognition for outstanding performers, I.B.M. members, and Ring achievements

Quality IBM apparel and merchandise to be worn and used with pride

Commitment to Ethical Code that protects magicians and Magical Arts

Click on the I.B.M. icon to browse its web site and join the I.B.M.!