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Prahlad Acharya

International Shadowgrapher and Magician

About Prahlad Acharya

Prahlad Acharya is The Shadow Caster – an internationally renowned shadow play artist and storyteller. A master magician and an accomplished ventriloquist, he is one of the few entertainers in the world who use only their bare hands to create an unbelievable world of light and shade.
A Grand Finalist at India’s Got Talent, Prahlad has performed Speaking Shadows – his amazing hand-shadow act around the globe, including Germany, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East, UK, Switzerland, and of course India. He is acknowledged to be among the very best in the world in what he does.
Prahlad Acharya’s Speaking Shadows is a mesmerising world of hand shadows weaving highly entertaining and interactive tales from the animal and human world; where hands artistically encounter a source of light, to project on a large screen. A truly magical world ‘where shadows speak’ and come to life.
For more details, see www.prahladacharya.com