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About Eduardo Pocholo Albiso

 POCHOLO started as a clown in 1994 with a premier clowning company in the Philippines. Being a clown back then meant that you had to have a certain competency in magic. He started with very basic effects like multiplying balls, cut and restored ropes, and a few more kiddie magic effects.

He then slowly progressed to more effects, eventually incorporating rabbits and doves to his act (and surprisingly, chickens at one pooint). After all, what's a kiddie magic show without animal tricks?

After 6 years of clowning around, he progressed to doing shows that involved Magic, Balloon Twisting, Game Hosting, and Ventriloquism.

POCHOLO has since done performances every weekend, mostly for private kiddie parties. His clientelle ranged from private families, politicians, and local celebrities in the Philippines.

Having recently moved to Australia, he hopes to bring his brand of entertainment to audiences in the land down under.