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About Joseph Dedalus

Joseph is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Founding Member of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology. He has a first-class honours degree in psychology, a masters in applied psychology, is a registered cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapist. He is the founder and trainer of positive phenomenology for the Institute of Positive Phenomenology (for more information, see his website).

He tutors in psychology in Ireland, and provides psychological training for a variety of contexts, from coaching, to therapy, to performance arts such as magic, so as to make the basis of human experience more accessible for positive ends. Skilled practitioners in a variety of fields will gain additional CPD skills from Joseph's excellent training in both psychology, applied psychology, and applied phenomenology.

Joseph is a lover of the art of magic, and has performed in the past as Joseph Dedalus, specialising in mentalism and psychological suggestion. He has also performed a "memory man" act using real mnemonics (counting cards; memorising the daily papers; day for any date; etc.).

Currently, Joseph is busy with his psychology career and work, but he hopes to maybe one day return to performance magic. Till then, he's trying to stay phenomenal!