Art of the Impossible
The Magic of Paul Hyland

picture Paul Hyland's PARLOUR MAGIC: A Stylish After-dinner Show staged in your own home or hotel suite.

In the days before radio and television, dinner-party hosts often regaled their guests with select entertainment set in an intimate milieu. Fine performers were invited into homes and suites to give of their best to the assembled company.

Paul Hyland’s ‘Art of the Impossible’ parlour show has some nostalgia for those days, but is right up to speed with the contemporary magic scene. It is unfailingly mysterious and ranges from the subtle to the hilarious.

The audience is on top of the action, involved in the fun, in the most civilised way possible. Much of Paul’s material is original but he also interprets classics in his own unique fashion. The show is a real treat.

You may ask Paul to begin his magic at the table, near the end of the meal. If so, your guests will be ready, with whetted appetites, for the parlour show to follow. Each performance is designed to suit the occasion.

You may be fortunate enough to see the exhilarating Brace Yourselves!, the mind-blowing Knot of Enchantment, Pocus the Perceptive Poodle, the playful Sensitivity Test, the exotic Rice Jar Suspension, a captivating Miracle with Cards, the unfathomable Olfactory ESP, or sensational Taking the Plunge.