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Visit our Magic Moments Show Video, Vol. 1 from Ring 1 magicians: https://youtu.be/RDhw5InEIo4   


I began my magical journey at around 10 years of age and have pursued it as a hobby ever since. As a boy, I enjoyed learning tricks from library magic books. My father would also take me to the local magic shop on the weekends to buy tricks. I have added more props to my collection throughout the years and enjoy them all. My involvement with magic performance began by entertaining childhood friends in the neighborhood. I enjoy and appreciates both close up and stage magic because I feel they each have something to offer an audience as well as having different skills needed to deliver a good performance.

  In 2014, I combined all of the circus skills that I learned as a boy and rolled it up into my show called ‘A Magical Musical Circus’, where I perform magic, juggling, riding a unicycle, making balloon animals and playing my own calliope compostitions on a keyboard. 

The all new 2023 show features 'The Magic Station', a mini booth type box that is all decked out to look like a mini theatre which holds all the props for a day's work at a festival. A photo of the station can be found at https://paulsmusicplus.blogspot.com/p/magic-performance.html . This is a close up magic act that allows me to be seated at eye level with the younger audience for a proper performance. The table is a half round and the back curtain is red and white carnival stripped material. Tricks and gags are stored under the table and the walls are about 34 inches high to block the view of the props. I make unique vests for the spectators to wear while being my assistant. Everyone is part of the show. I aim for a one of a kind experience that I feel the audience will find entertaining.

In other exciting news, Paul placed first in the annual amature close-up competition at his local Ring in September of 2022, just five months after joining the I.B.M. club.

Paul also teaches magic, piano and guitar lessons on Outschool.com Feel free to spread the word to kids that like music and magic, as there is always room for more learners in my Outschool schedule