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Paul Gregor

About Paul Gregor

Paul began his magical journey at around 10 years of age and has pursued it as a hobby for almost 50 years. As a boy, he enjoyed learning tricks from library magic books. His father would also take him to the local magic shop on the weekends to buy tricks. He has added more props to his collection throughout the years and enjoys them all.
    His involvement with magic performance as a boy began with giving shows for neighborhood friends, but has recently developed his ideas into children’s entertainment work at festivals. He combined all of the circus skills that he learned as a boy and rolled it up into his current ‘A Magical Musical Circus’, where he performs magic, juggles, rides a unicycle, makes balloon animals and plays his own calliope compostitions on a keyboard. When he doesn’t take a keyboard to play live, he uses a speaker in his magic table to play his recorded music. This allows more time for Paul to perform magic tricks. The personal touches on his custom built performance table, housing a lot of tricks at his disposal, has everything he needs to entertain in a fun and unique fashion. He aims for a one of a kind experience in his show that the audience will find entertaining.
    Paul enjoys and appreciates both close up and stage magic because he feels they each have something to offer an audience. Paul’s trick collection includes close-up and small stage size magic. He still has tricks that he bought as a child, such as Multiplying Rabbits, Magic Crystal Coin Case and Tree of Hearts, just to name a few. He now enjoys creating effects. Much of Paul’s public performance experience has been as a musician but he is ready to add magic performance to the schedule.

In other exciting news, Paul placed first in the annual amature close-up competition at his local Ring in September of 2022, just five months after joining the I.B.M. club.