The Asian Spectacular Magician/Illusionist

picture With the Reunited-Family Program in 1993, Palmas Nguyen came over to the U.S. with his parents, sister, and three brothers, of whom, one is his twin.  His family presently resides in Colorado.  He was only 15 when he first stepped foot onto American soil, but 8 years later, he would become an accomplish young magician.

Normally, with Vietnamese families, children are taken cared of by their parents upon school matters, and thousands of these Vietnamese teens living in the U.S. has become engineers, doctors, and physicians...

Palmas started his obsession with Magic since he was in high school.  Even back then, Palmas would take private magic lessons that were offered locally in his area.  These were not really magic schools, and the only things they taught were slight tricks of the hands--amature magic. And from then, Palmas turned into an amazement at school, and at parties, he was the main attraction.

Palmas lets us know,  that his success came from the two year period of college, when at night, he would have a lot of time to study his skills.  After two years going to college in Chicago, Palmas did not return home, but resided in Texas instead, where he was hired by a Japanese Restaurant in Beaumont, Texas to perform short shows for its customer during his three months of summer. He also has gained the attention of many youths.  He is actively involved with his Church, and never refuses to participate in its activities.

The first show that Palmas ever performed at was Dai Hoi Thanh Mau 2000.  At this big event, Palmas performed for an audience of over 40,000 that came from all over the world.  This concert in Missouri was the start of a beautiful career for Palmas Nguyen.

With Palmas Nguyen, we are sure that with his skilled techniques since his very young age, and he is a known face among the Vietnamese community. He will be a much needed character for many productions, and he will triumph over gaining a loyal audience. His triumph won’t only be with a live audience, but also those who see him on videos. Families will be swayed by his skilled techniques and slight of hands.