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The Dance & Illusions Of Oslen

Combining the beauty of dance with the art of magic.

About Oslen Chang

At a very tender age, Oslen witnessed David Copperfield in The Great Escapes. It was love at first sight. Oslen's curiosity and new found passion for magic led him on an incredible journey. He studied performing arts at school, where he mastered a wide range of craft, including magic, dance, music and acting. Over the next twenty years, this boy next door morphed into the glamorous illusionist he is today. 

Oslen is one of the most sought-after magicians on the market. He has booked and executed over one hundred shows from Vancouver to Beijing, making him a world-wide commodity. When he’s not performing at Casinos like Bally's in Atlantic City, he can be seen entertaining corporate audiences for Fortune 500 companies like entertaining for HSBC, Panasonic, Knorr, iTalkBB and even appearing on CityTV, CTV, Fairchild TV and OMNI TV.

His talents have also taken Oslen into various competitions including Canada's Got Talent. Upon extensive critical acclaim from the likes of Martin Short, Measha Brueggergosman, and Stephan Moccio, Oslen was the only magician to propel into the semi-finals, dazzling audiences with his flair and unique style.
With a blend of magic, dance, music and audience interaction, Oslen offers a story to his viewers; his life’s narrative, through each performance. This unique approach to every routine proves Oslen a true entertainer.