A Awesome Comic Magician Norm Barnhart
Corporate Magic Shows for Minneapolis & St. Paul

picture Comic Magician Norm Barnhart

And his daughter Jasmine

Norm Barnhart is Minnesota’s most versatile Comedy Magician. He brings laughs to corporate parties with his dynamic after dinner show. Norm entertains at special events, trade shows and banquet social hours with his unique close–up strolling magic.

Norm was named by Laughmakers Magazine as the “Laughmaker of the Year” in 1998. He’s been in the business of entertaining full time for over 25 years.

Norm is also a motivational speaker and will entertain and encourage your group with his unusual service and teamwork presentation. This program is also popular with staff appreciation banquets and volunteer recognition events. He will tailor it to your specific needs. He’s experienced, enthusiastic and professional.

Norm’s Cool Magic show has appeared in all 50 states at conventions, schools, fairs and festivals.

He recently entertained in Fairbanks, Alaska, and Houston, Texas with his award winning Normondo character. In May of 2007 Norm won first place in Las Vegas at the America’s Funniest Magician Contest. If it’s laughter you’re after call Norm.

The lovely Magical Mia,
Jasmine's Mother

Magical Mia Brings her Amazing Magic Show to Schools, Fairs and Festivals across Minnesota and Wisconsin. This is the most unusual magic show in Minneapolis or St. Paul. Her wonderful tricks have entertained audiences as far away as Hawaii, where she won First Place at an International Magic Contest.

Families come year after year to enjoy Mia’s Magic Show. It’s Magic and Fun for Everyone.

Normondo the Great

1st Place Winner of 2007 America’s Funniest Magician Contest in Las Vegas

The amazing Normondo the Great is one of Norm Barnhart’s Funny characters. This guy delights audiences at Magic Conventions and other special events. It’s a zany spoof magic show that makes them wonder.

Norm Barnhart Signs Book Deal
Minnesota Author is another title for this clever magician. Norm is currently in the process of writing four books for a Minnesota publisher.

The titles will be available for school and public libraries early in 2008. Norm says, “For years I have motivated reading with my special program for schools and program for schools and libraries. Now, I am excited to see some of my tricks available for school age children to enjoy. A magic book is a way to get a reluctant reader into the library.”

Norm says, “Besides encouraging reading, a magic book helps a child develop dexterity, speaking skills, creativity and self confidence.” Norm has written for several magic and entertainer’s journals and magazines over the past 25 years and has published 5 books aimed at other entertainers. Norm shares his original magic tricks, ideas and inventions in these books and articles to help performers improve their acts. He also has 2 videos and a DVD geared to the working performer with his ideas and tricks.

Even though he enjoys writing, his first love is entertaining people with his comedy and magic. Connect with him at MagicNorm.com

Norm Barnhart Tour Promotes Reading
Minnesota Magician Norm Barnhart returns from tour of promoting reading at Northern Minnesota Libraries. Norm completed about half of the tour of 24 libraries covering the North including Ely, International Falls, Two Harbors, Grand Marais, Hibbing and Virginia.

The June 20, 2007 issue of the Northern Lights Newspaper said “Magician extraordinaire Norm Barnhart wowed [the] audience.” The Range Times had a front page article that said, “Magician Norm Barnhart brought not only magic, but also a great deal of laughter …”

Norm says, “I love getting kids excited about reading and magic is a perfect vehicle to generate interest. Basically I grab their attention with the fast and flashy tricks and then hit them with the message about the importance of reading.”

LaVar Burton, Shari Lewis & Lambchop

Norm Barhnart recalls...
In the 1980’s I was contracted to do several events at the Dayton’s stores in Minneapolis and Detroit. These were very fun shows and I had the opportunity to work alongside Shari Lewis and Lambchop.

Her dad was the official New York City Magician for years and she had a long interest in magic. We had some very nice talks and she even showed me how to do one of her father’s tricks. She was a hero of mine since childhood so it was really an honor to work on the same stage with this talented lady.

We also did some bookstore appearances at Malls. I would walk along with LaVar Burton to the book signing area. It was fun to see the reaction of the people when they realized it was LaVar Burton. This was a few years after his famous appearance in the movie, “Roots” and LaVar was a cool, handsome Hollywood star. The women’s heads would turn as this sharp dressed, famous star passed. He was a wonderful gentleman, and fun to hang around with. At the time he was very successful with the popular Reading Rainbow TV show on PBS-TV.

I was excited to do magic for the people waiting in line to meet LaVar Burton and have an autograph. The other interesting thing about that moment in time happened when we were riding in his Limo one day and LaVar Burton mentioned that they might bring back the Star Trek TV show and that he had a call from some agent discussing his getting a role on the new Star Trek Series. He wasn’t sure if they would even go forward with it, but as history has shown, there were several Star Trek series that delighted the sci-fi fans.

LaVar Burton, was a favorite with fans. He is a great guy, warm and kind, and a very talented man.

The Art of Writing Comedy By Norm Barnhart

Situation Comedy is based on people caught up in a situation. The situation can be ordinary or out of this world. The writer has to begin with a who and a where. The “who” is our magic character? We need to think about who we are on stage, and develop the character. Most of us play ourselves to some extent, but we need to analyze ourselves. We can go to a psychiatrist to discover ourselves or simply save $75 an hour and do it at home.

Basically look at your style; smart aleck, master of magic powers, wise cracker, fun happy guy who can do some cool stunts, science guy, crazy inventor, wild and crazy guy? Think about your likes and dislikes and very important is the attitude toward the situation and the things going on around.


Norm’s Comedy Cell Phone Trick

In this bit of situation comedy we find the common problem of a cell phone going off in the middle of the show. It could belong to a teacher, parent or librarian. This is set up in advance and you ask them to push the ringer button on this realistic toy phone. Ask them to ring it after the trick with the rope. The audience thinks it is a real phone. The situation is set.

What they See:
During the act the phone rings. What is your attitude toward it. Comedy comes from this reaction. You may comment that it’s your pizza guy and order a pizza on the “borrowed” phone. Or like me, look happy and just say, “Good, it’s my doggie calling. Take the phone and start barking into it. The act builds as you juggle it. A moment later you almost drop it. Next it is balanced in an amazing way on the magic wand.

How it’s Done: The phone is a fake, with a real ringer. Inside the plastic realistic toy phone you place a powerful magnet and glue it back together. You may have to cut out a hole so that the magnet sticks to the wand. The wand is made from steel or has a steel tip.

A Final Kicker: As the phone is returned to the owner drop it. But audience then see that the phone springs back up like a yoyo. This builds a final bit of trouble from this situation. The phone has a ring that goes on the left finger and as the right hand drops it the left hand stays close to the right hand, and allows the string to let the phone go down. When the left hand reaches behind you this action pulls the string and phone goes back up into your right hand. Hand it back and there is a happy ending. As you go back to your act make a quip, “anyone else forgot to turn off their phone?”

The act builds as the comedy is added with the performer’s attitude. The gags come from what seems like an every day situation of a phone going off during the show.

Books Found in Library!

Astonishing as it may be there are books found in a library. Well yes, and even my books.

I stopped at the Grand Marais, MN Library to donate one of my books and discovered that they did have one other book of mine there as well as two of the DVD’s I produced that teach magic. Cool!

People I know all over the US have called to say they found the books in their library too. The Amazing Magic Books from Capstone Press can be found at Amazon.com and Target.com.

Check more out about the Minnesota author and comedy magician in Minnesota, – Hey, that is me – at: MagicNorm.com