A Awesome Comic Magician Norm Barnhart
Corporate Magic Shows for Minneapolis & St. Paul

picture Magician in Minnesota - Magic shows bring fun to audiences in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN.

Magic shows bring fun to parties.

- I enjoy bringing comedy entertainment to corporate parties. Adults feel like a kid again with the mind blowing tricks and the fast paced comedy magic show.
- A reading Motivation Program to Schools and libraries in Minnesota.
- For years I have brought Fun Magic Tricks to the families and children at Ronald McDonald House and several Children's Hospitals.
- My magic show has brought laughter to county fairs and festivals.

its magic and fun for everyone!

I love my job!
September 2011 Minnesota Magician - Magic Norm

I love bringing entertainment and a motivational message to various audiences and seeing the smiles. I love hearing the laughter from young and old alike. I love it when parents, teachers and librarians come up after the show and say, “I had as much fun as the kids.”

I love to entertain at corporate events and watch the adults jaws drop and laugh like they were in 3rd grade again. Magic is fun and I love to bring fun to people and brighten their events. I have worked for many fortune 500 companies and many others that don’t make that list. I love to bring a smile to a holiday party, annual banquet or team building event.

It is also fun to entertain at various golf clubs for tournaments, as well as at fund raisers and black tie charity events. It is fun to do magic and help a good cause. This past week I entertained for the kick off of the Gillette Children's Hospital Fundraiser along with KS95 and Children’s Cancer Research Fund. I met some great families and had fun with the very fun KS95 DJ’s.

I've entertained on the morning show at K102 the big country music station in the Twin Cities. It was great to get a nice note or recommendation from Dave Ryan the Cool Morning Guy from the big Pop music station KDWB.

I love to travel and magic has taken me to all 50 states and to six other countries. I have seen the wonderful beauty of our land and met many great people. It is fascination to entertain in beautiful locations such as parks and festivals and have also gotten far away from the bustling cities and entertained the wonderful people who live in Hopi, Navajo, Dakotah and other lands.

I have enjoyed performing in every major U.S. city and in most suburbs and many small towns as I zig-zagged across this country on school assembly tours for 13 years back in the 80’s and into the 90’s. I developed educational programs that grabbed kids attentions and motivated them to do their best in school.

Last year the I.B. M. Magicians in Singapore had my lecture and It got a nice review in the Linking Ring. See the Dec 2010 edition. The magicians there took me all over their beautiful city. I also worked another convention in that town and did shows for various groups including one that the Mayor of Singapore came to.

Magic has taken me to entertain families at fun places such as Knott’s Camp Snoopy a dozen times and The Paul Bunyan Amusement Park for 11 summers. I’ve enjoyed performing at hundreds of fairs and festivals over the years. I have entertained at many colleges, weddings, Bar Mitvahs , high school lock ins and family events. I even love to be the life of the party at birthday parties for young kids or kids of any age. This past summer I entertained a bubbly birthday celebration for a group of 14 -15 year old girls, I was also on a riverboat entertaining for a 50 year old woman’s birthday and I even did an 80 year old Doctor’s birthday party.

I have entertained with magic for the coaches of the Minnesota Vikings and U of M Golden Gophers. I have worked with cool musicians, popular radio DJs, and bands. I have met and entertained the famous and the not so … it is all the same. Magic brings life to parties and events and I enjoy being around people who are celebrating.

It is exciting to take a new way to work every day, to see the world. It is fun to adapt and to bring the show into so many cool venues. The reaction is the same – people love to laugh and I love to instigate it. Please take a moment and learn more at MagicNorm.com.

Hi, I'm Norm Barnhart and I love to make people laugh. It's been my full time job for over 28 years. I present clean comedy magic shows for corporate banquets and events.

I also present a very fun motivational keynote speech on teamwork and service for business and service groups. This program encourages your staff in a magical way. please check out Inspire.aces-show.biz.http://InspireBiz.com

I also enjoy entertaining for family events and have appeared at Minnesota State Fair, Knott's Camp Snoopy and hundreds of school, churches, festivals and parties throughout Minnesota, the Twin Cities and in all 50 states. I've had 5 tours of shows through Hawaii and just returned from Alaska where I performed Magic and Comedy as well as taught at a convention of entertainers.

This summer of 2010 I will lecture for the I.B.M. magicians in Singapore as well as perform at a Festival of Entertainers. Later in September, I will speak and teach my magic and comedy for entertainers in San Fransisco. In November I will Perform and lecture in Indiana. Lectures for magicians and entertainers next year include N.Y.C. Connecticut, Georgia and other fun places. Magicians can check out my DVD presentations at NormBarnhart.com.

I'd love to bring my unique comedy magic to your special event. Please call me at the Magic Number 651-257-7116 in St. Paul, Minnesota.