Nihal the Magician & Illusionist
If it's Nihal it is Magic & If it's Magic it is Nihal

picture Attendance at Conventions:
IBM @ Reno - Self and Wife
IBM @ Oakland - Self, Wife and elderdaughter Vasana
British Ring @ Eastbourne - Self,Wife and son Kanchana
French Convention in Bordeaux - Self,Wife and son Kanchana
IBM @ Kansas City - The whole family attended this Convention.( See Photo: From Left Son-in-law Keerthi & daughter Sadhana, My wife Sujatha & Self, Dinithi the only grand daughter born at that time, Daughter Vasana and Son-in-law Channa, Daughter-in- law Keshani & Son Kanchana ) It was a period full of Magic and it was high fun too. A get-to-gether that will never be forgotten.
The best out from all was when we were waken early in the morning to warn us of a fire in the Marriott Hotel and to vacate it. It was where the Convention was held and where we stayed. It was a great and shocking experience with all of us vacating the Hotel with all our valuable items only. Things were back to normal after a few hours. What an exciting and a thrilling time it was.

At present all our Children,thier spouses and grand children live in Houston,USA and are USA Citizens.

We were guest at IBM Houston Ring No.39 in 1998,at two Monthly Meetings in Bayou Manor,Braeswood, Houston. We all performed at one Meeting and also attended the Holiday party on December 28th. Not forgetting Steve Burton and his wife Suzanne from Ring 39 who made it all possible. All three occasions were memorable ones for All.

We were guest at IBM Singapore Ring 115 Guest' Night on 15th August 2004 on a special invitation by John Teo, President. We performed at this meeting. We also attended the Lecture on 18th August presented by Shaun Yee ( Magician & Magic Dealer from Italy ). Shaun Yee visited me in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 1st of January 1990 when he came for a Hotel Performance.