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Nakul Shenoy

The Mind Reader

About Nakul Shenoy

Nakul Shenoy is The Mind Reader – a sought-after keynote speaker and mystery entertainer based in Bangalore, India. An internationally acclaimed mentalist, he is a double-digit TEDx speaker and the author of Smart Course in Magic, a HarperCollins book available all over the world.

Nakul has been a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA) since 1995, and is the Ring Coordinator for IBM Ring 177 based in Bangalore, India.

He has published many articles and interviews related to magic, the latest of which may be found at medium.com/@nakulshenoy and his website. Notable among his articles on magic are,

A compulsive reader of books 'on every topic under the Sun and beyond', Nakul remains an active proponent of critical thinking, and haunts Twitter as @NakulShenoy.