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About Kevin Ogren

My name is Kevin Ogren. I’m known as Mr. O to my elementary school students, where I teach grade 5 and music. I have been teaching more than 25 years now. I realized early in my teaching training that my love of magic and working with children at school go hand in hand. I also used this knowledge when I completed my Masters of Education project on “Magic as an effective tool for teachers.”  Mr. O in the classroom – Myster-O on the magic stage!

My love for magic started with a visit to the Main Street Magic Shop in Disneyland in 1977.  With the tricks I bought there, I started performing magic for my neighbourhood friends.

I started my semi-professional career as a magician over 30 years ago, with one of my many visits to Tony’s Trick and Joke Shop in Victoria. Tony Eng was a master magician and wonderful mentor that helped me move my love of magic from hobbyist to professional.