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Michel is undoubtedly, a very special person. When you first met the imposing two-meter one like me in 2007 during a Leadership Symposium in Zurich, You Could get almost anything to do with the fear already. HOWEVER, it does not take long until you can feel and see did you are dealing with a warm, very down to earth Swiss confederates.

Michel has this rare ability, everything he tackles with a Michel Sabesptackle incredible passion and once people around him with enthusiasm for his projects.

I was lucky enough to get to know its various facets and talents over the years many of our friendship. As a volleyball coach, businessman, leadership expert, friend and privileged moments as a card magician. No matter what role he which located, two constants are always the same. Michel is a unique storyteller, and has to unmistakable sarcastic humor.

Michel volleyballNot infrequently, our dinner ended only in the early morning hours after he had entertained the whole restaurant with its fascinating stories or card and Mental tricks.

Michel is always with bothfeet Firmly on the ground and himself Remained despite success and hype, always faithful. A trait Which just so so special about Michel