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Mister Tim: Hypnotist/Illusionist

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About Timoteo Crnkovic

Mister Tim is a VIP Illusionist, a Professional Magician and Master Of Stage Hypnosis who has honed his craft for over a decade. His fascination with illusion-as-art began in childhood and continues to this day, as  he constantly seeks to perfect his act to provide a truly awesome magical experience.
With his trademark humor, endless surprises and positive energy, Mister Tim always delivers the maximum dose of entertainment value in a show that is interactive and wildly engaging. Performing for audiences of all ages since 2001, he has brought his show to stages all over the world, and at the age of thirteen was himself the subject of a short documentary, “Abraca-dabra,” which heralded him at the time as the youngest professional magician in the world. More recently, he was featured on the HTV Network show “On The Edge of Science”, and has performed shows as part of a humanitarian effort in his native Croatia.
Mister Tim is available for events both large and small, and enjoys conducting magic workshops where he can share his experience with aspiring magicians. He spent several years in the United States improving his style and developing his act, and as of 2015 has performed over one thousand shows performing in front of more than one hundred thousand people throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Australia and Mexico for elite clients that include Carnival Co., Pepsi, Merkur Gaming and Mustang.
Amazing audiences is what Mister Tim does best, and no matter how large or small your event is, your guests will be entertained with some of the most awe-inspiring illusions and close-up magic that they have ever experienced. 
Call today to find out how Mister Tim can put some VIP Magic into your next event!