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May Every Day be Magic

About Charlie Fass

 Professional magician since the mid 90s, and full time magician since 2008. Has performed all over the United States from East Coast to West Coast, plus Europe, on Cable Television, and on an NCL Cruise Ship to Alaska. Audiences have range from small children to Adults and senior citizens. Each type of audience is presented with a tailor made program for the age range of the audience plus any special requests or requirements. Charlie’s goal is primarily one thing: Entertainment and fun plus happy memories. This is guaranteed as a money back guarantee in writing (other magicians have commented that they would never dare provide that type of guarantee in writing or otherwise). Charlie has never had anyone request their money back…..ever.


His interest in magic began at 8 years of age with a Christmas magic set. It became a hobby for many years, and then later on a part time way of making some extra “mad money”. When Charlie was laid off by the local phone company, he decided to make magic his full time income source in 2008. His wife, Barb, joins him as his assistant whenever possible. Barb also does much of the choreography and directing of the presentations. All programs are clean family-friendly shows with no “off color” humor. When ever audience members are included in the program, caution is used to never offend anyone or embarrass anyone at any time. Audience interaction is always a large part of the show. The goal is your complete satisfaction as well as satisfaction of your team members, superiors, or family members.

Charlie resides in Roseville, California , near Sacramento California, and is married to Barb whom he met in college.  Barb adds much to the performances as assistant and choreographer.  He has two daughters, Wendy and Julie, who are married and also live in California. Both his daughters have also appeared with him as part of his stage illusions to include being levitated in thin air. Their pet cat is named “Mister Kitty”