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Michael W. McClure

I.B.M. Ring 1 - St. Louis, Missouri

  Board Director 2021-24

  Webmaster 2018-on

  Historian 2022-on

  Lecture Chairman 2021-on

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Creator of MASTERS TO MYTHICS   https://www.baskervilleproductions.com/masterstomythics


Our table-top game is a tribute to the great magicians that came before us. Our last production, a Sherlock Holmes themed game, (viewable on my website at   https://www.baskervilleproductions.com/shbsi ) sold over 1000 copies in the first 4 months after its release, and is currently being considered for translation in three other languages. We hope to expand upon our global sales experience and share our Magic game, a comprehensive passion project, with a much larger audience. It has an interesting performance mechanic that gamers should love, but it also will educate them in our Art's vast history, plus reward them by teaching a mystifying (public domain) effect to the winners upon the game’s completion. Our intention is to introduce that spark which ignited all of us to pursue magic ... the first time we witnessed true magic and learned a secret of an effect that WE could perform. It is our hope that we will entice several generations of untapped talent to join us in keeping our avocation alive.

There are three levels of magi that are featured in the game. The notable magicians being honored in the MASTER level are all real people from throughout the last two centuries that have passed away prior to Jan. 1, 1999 (for legal reasons). LEGENDARY status showcases fabled people, spanning several thousands of years, whose magical prowess was likely exaggerated, and have become legends in their part of the globe (imagine Merlin or Dedi). The old world gods and supernatural beings that populated the imaginations of our earliest ancestors are also included, since they have reached reputations of MYTHIC proportions and provide the true origin and inspiration for what we perform. For an example. our International Brotherhood of Magicians logo prominently features Mercury, the ancient Roman god of magic. Cultures from around the world will have their deities represented in the game.

Gameplay is quick, with every player also having action/decisions during each others’ turns. There will never be a dull moment! A unique mechanic is in place whereby the large tokens bearing icons, each representing a different traditional magical effect, continue to change into other icons with every turn. As the game players take on their roles as students of the art, and are successfully mentored by the Masters, they are able to use their earned, in-game abilities to advance upon the Legendary level of magi. Once achieving Legendary status the player then strives to reach a reputation of Mythic proportions.

We are providing an opportunity whereby magicians (performers, store owners, and effect creators) can have their services and products advertised for FREE. We do have a reasonable fee IF someone also wants a "bit of immortality" by having their faces incorporated into the artwork representing the age-old inspirations of our art. Current workers and magic fans can have their faces used for the LEGENDARY or MYTHIC magi (since no selfies were taken back in the day) and literally have “skin in the game.” Everyone interested in this unique opportunity to have THEIR face be used in EVERY game that we sell is encouraged to contact me at watson76754321@gmail.com for more information.

The unique game mechanic is engaging to play, and our attention to the details makes it educational for both seasoned practitioners and fans alike, but the promise for the winner to learn real magic secrets at the end of the game is our "secret sauce". We feel that this "prize" will provide a gateway into the huge and expanding Gaming niche, and therefore expose these players to the very thing that excited many of us at the very beginning .... seeing a magical effect performed, and then knowing that WE can do this!!! Our expectations for this project are akin to a missionary effort … to spread this magical opportunity to a whole new demographic of young and old gamers who are going to love magic ... even if they just don't know it yet.