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Michael Chrosniak

Rolls up sleeves. Puts hands together. And literally creates magic

About Michael Chrosniak

I have been serving the greater Jacksonville area since 2014. I started magic at a young age claiming I was good at 3 things.

1. Puzzle Solving.

2. Keeping secrets.

3. I am exceptional Liar. 

Mixed along with a few other things and we have the perfect combination for a magician! 

 My close up magic is fantastic and my routines are "delightfully funny" (seriosuly, not my quote).  My many years as a street performer allow me to improv on the fly with quick wit and class that comes out naturally. My shows are always family friendly. But I'm going to lie to you, and that' s the truth!

I do a range of performances including Strolling magic, Stage, Close up shows (for 20 or less people), and Street performances. Please head to my Crossroad Magic page for pricing for your event. www.facebook.com/crossroadmagic