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Making your parties/events more memorable a smile at a time.

About Marty Gorman

Grew up in Northridge than married, moved to Torrance.  Can't & won't claim I was a "KID" when I ventured into the realm of performing magic.  I started training at a local community program in 2003 finished training at the world famous MAGIC CASTLE in 2005 than went on to becomming a p/t performer.  Bill myself as FAMILY FRIENDLY though can do ALL ADULT also (depends on what the audience dishes out) but won't go X RATED, sorry not my style.  My "style" isn't to FOOL you per se, it's to ENTERTAIN you regardless of weather or not you know how it was done though I ask that you not GOOGLE the trick/effect IN FRONT of me to find out the workings.  Having said that my goal is to engage, involve, amuse, & amaze to make your parties more memorable.