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About DINERO .

From the young age of 15, in his hometown of Vancouver, BC, Dinero started peforming magic. He learned from the best - taking classes at a local magic shop in New Westminster called 'Must B Magic'. His first job was working at Gizmoz, one of Richmond's leading magic shops, where he performed for the shoppers and delighted audiences with his illusions. Soon after, he was invited to perfrom at his first overseas destination, Fiji. Over the years, he's worked hundreds of events - from brithdays and weddings to corporate shows. He's also taught magic in schools and been a celebrity magician for 2 major restaurant chains. In addition to his work as a magician, Dinero is a magic teacher and mentor to his students. He has given private lessons to children and adults who continue learning and performing magic to this day. Dinero has traveled to Australia, London, and Mexico, but Vancouver will always be his home. Yet, despite local fame, he has always remained down to earth. It takes years of practice, performing, failure, and success to become a great entertainer. 2022 marks his 30th anniversary in magic - something he is extremely proud of, and hes still loves perfroming on the streets of his hometown.