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Marko Magician & Hypnotist

About Marko Gagnon



MARKO's shows are designed for fun; no one is ever embarrassed or compromised. MARKO believes the participants in his shows are the stars, and he makes them shine. 

What makes MARKO's performances so special is his ability to mystify, entertain and make everyone laugh on different levels at the same time. There's nothing better than seeing (corporate executives, employees and clients or grandparents, parents and children) all having a wonderful time together at the same show.

MARKO's magic and hypnosis truly transcend all age, ethnic, economic and social barriers to bring people together in a common state of amazement and laughter.

MARKO continually adds new material and updates his shows to keep them fresh, current and interesting. MARKO's shows are kept on file so future performances are always new and different for his many repeat customers.