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About Andy Fairbairn

Magic Life of Andy Fairbairn Performing started with me when I was a member of the Bank of England Printing Works Theatrical Section as the back end of a cow in Jack & the Beanstalk in 1984. Our next production was going to be an Old Time Music Hall and I suggested that you cannot have a Music Hall without a Magician. I had seen a Magic Book in WH Smiths (Bookshops) entitled Kingfisher Book of Magic by Peter Eldin which I purchased. This suggested that I visit the library where I picked up The Big Book of Magic by Patrick Page. I and a fellow Engineer then made a set of Linking Rings. I then purchased a book of illusions plans from Paul Osborne in the States. I then made a Sword Box. I had an act! Along with my wife as my assistant I performed the Linking Rings – Sword Box & Dove Pan producing a cascade of ribbons at the climax of the act all performed to music over 3 nights with 250 people watching each night. The act developed and I started performing as a Chinaman in various variety nights put on by the Theatrical Section It was after this I joined the Ilford Magical Society in May 1986 to develop my magical knowledge. With the help of John Penrose and other members I started doing Close Up magic. I join the IBM British Ring in June 1988 and then became a Full member of the IBM in October 1991. When I had my examination with Les Nottle he commented on how well I performed the cups & Balls as he had never seen it performed that way. I was made President of the Ilford Magical Society in 2001 and held that position for 9 years. I took on the Roll of Outside Entertainments Secretary for the Ilford Magical Society in March 1989. This involves organising & producing monthly outside show where I visit the venues get up to 20 members performing close up & cabaret magic. These Shows have raised over one hundred thousand of pounds for various organisations and charities over the years and I am still organising these shows to the current day, over 25 years. In 1997 to 2001 with the help of various members we put on four Magic Shows at the local Theatre The Queen’s in Hornchuch which raised money for various charities. In 2004 I was awarded the Bank of England Court Award for Voluntary Work in the Community. This was a sum of £2000 to be given to my nominated Charities. As a part of this award it gave me the opportunity to dine with the then Governor of the Bank of England Eddy George which I would say has been one of my highlights in life. All made possible by performing magic. I have won various magic trophies at the Ilford Magical Society these being the Wilson Hall Stage Competition and the Classic Trophy. I have lectured on illusion building and cups & balls. At home I have a comprehensive magic library of over 70 books. In the future I would like to catalogue all the shows I have organised and write a paper on how to organise and put on shows in your local community.