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The Magic Assistant

The Magic Assistant

About Gwyn Auger

 Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes…. THAT GIRL

Gwyn Auger is The Magic Assistant.

Gwyn Auger is a vivacious, creative woman who brings dedication and enthusiasm to every project she embarks on. Gwyn’s primary goal is to be a full time magician’s assistant, and as a trained dancer and professional model, she brings beauty and grace to any stage. She loves magic and always puts her whole self into any project she takes on. She worked with Enchanted Events for two years as a fairy, and has the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. Gwyn has been quite the promotional girl for the last six years, promoting everything from Nintendo Wii and DS to Hershey’s chocolate, VW cars, and L’Oreal. She’s promoted these things all over Alberta and BC at various events such as Cirque Du Soleil and The World Junior’s Hockey Championships. This variety has enhanced Gwyn’s adaptability, and her ability to think on her toes in any situation.

Gwyn’s background is incredibly diverse, from her global TESOL degree to completion of the Professional Cooking degree at SAIT in 2006. Gwyn loves baking, and even created a company delivering freshly baked cupcakes to homes and offices while dressed in vintage pinup clothing. She climbed the Great Wall of China in 2007, and has been published numerous times for her modelling work, including in Edmonton’s SEE Magazine in the winter of 2009, and as the month of January in a 2010 and 2011 calendar, as well as in the first issue of Cheesecake Magazine. Most recently she’s been featured in an online interview for FIXE magazine, a webcast with Justin The Mystifyer and a podcast for I Am Aduro.

Always willing to contribute to her friends and the community, Gwyn often volunteers her time for fundraisers such as the Underwear Affair, and Movember and loves to help Calgary Reptile Parties at various events when needed.


In 2023 catch Gwyn lecturing in Blackpool


“I’d rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are; because a could-be is a maybe who is reaching for a star. And I’d rather be a has-been than a might-have-been by far; for a might-have-been has never been, but a has-been was once an are.” Milton Berle


“A superhero in disguise Gwyn Auger is a socialite of epic earthly proportions. Whether demonstrating advanced culinary pastry skills with deft execution or providing the scene for mystery and illusion as a magician’s assistant Ms. Auger raises to the occasion exhibiting poise and elegance.” Javan K Bernakevitch