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Lynn Miner

The Magic of Christmas -- All Year Long

About Lynn Miner

 Lynn E, Miner is a member of the Order of Merlin and was elected to the Board of Trustees of the IBM Education and Endowment Fund in 2017. He is also Territorial Vice President for Wisconsin. He has published articles in The Linking Ring. Lynn bears a remarkable resemblance to Santa and regularly performs his special brand of Santa Magic. He was bitten by the magic bug in the third grade. after meeting J.B. Bobo. He has repurposed from being a professor of biomedical engineering and graduate dean at Marquette University where he specialized in research and fundraising to performing magic full time. He has published 28 books, authored or mentored over 5,000 grant proposals attracting in excess of one-half billion dollars, and taught more than 10,000 individuals successful grantseeking strategies. He used magic in all of his grant workshops to illustrate key teaching points. Beside performing, his current area of interest and expertise is in magic script writing and editing.