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Los Angeles Magician David Minkin

Longest-Running Magic Show In Los Angeles

About David Minkin

Hi, I'm David Minkin. I'm a full time professional magician in Los Angeles. My weekly show is the longest running magic show in LA, now in it's 15th year (it is currently 2021 at the time of this writing). I specialize in close up magic, and I perform a 90 minute show at my regular venue.

I've also had the privilege of peforming with some excellent magicians in various TV and film magic projects. MTV's Room 401, Travel Channel's Magic Outlaws, and the documentary film, "Magicians: Life In the Impossible are a few of the magic projects I've been a part of.

My true passion is performing live shows in close-up magic settings. So, I've designed my weekly show's seating to accomodate 112 guests in tiered seats for best visibility. There are many magicians in Los Angeles... possibly more than in Las Vegas, due to the Magic Castle, and I know and work with many of the best magicians in Los Angeles at the castle.

I believe we are incredibly lucky to do what we do for a living. To perform magic and create wonder in others is such a blessed job. Now more than ever, people need that feeling that only magic can deliver.

Anyway, just a quick note to say hello to my fellow magicians of the IBM, and I hope to cross paths with many of you when you visit Los Angeles and the Magic Castle.


David Minkin